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Dogs can cause mayhem to grass – you may have noticed! They can rip it to shreds and leave it an awful mess. Not to mention all the mud they bring into the house!

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Pet Friendly

At the same time, it is right and proper that dogs and other household pets get to enjoy your outdoor garden space. They revel in it and you want them to enjoy it.

The good news is that your lawn doesn’t have to be at the mercy of your over active pooch or messy moggy. Replace the lawn with a far more practical artificial grass installation. It could be the perfect answer for them and save you from tearing your hair out!  

At Unreal Lawns Eastbourne, all our synthetic grass surfaces are completely pet friendly, extremely low maintenance and fit for use all year round.

Compared to the “real thing”, fake grass is just as enticing – and arguably safer for dogs, cats and other pets who like to roam around in the garden, because there’s no need to apply weed killer, which could be extremely dangerous for them.

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Why you need an Unreal Lawn for you and your pets.

Our products are also non-toxic and completely safe.  But you won’t get any of the dirt, mess and muddy paws associated with proper lawns – and your grass will remain pristine, not ruined!

What’s more, our surfaces are all entirely permeable – so any dog mess can be easily removed. And it’s easy to hose off or disinfectant any urine, alternatively simply just wait for the rain to wash it away.  

Many of the installations we have carried out across Sussex and Kent have been for pet owners – dogs especially – and we’re delighted to report our artificial lawns are just as popular as conventional grass.  

So if your existing outside space is becoming a bit of a headache and you’d like to put your lawn area to more regular and stress-free use for both you and your pets, then now could be the time to go artificial.

In which case, Unreal Lawns Eastbourne can provide just the tail wagging solution you need.

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Can't thank Luke enough. After being left with a complete mess by a local 'landscaping' company (which needed completely re-doing from scratch), Luke went above and beyond and completely transformed our garden in under two days. Our grass now looks absolutely amazing (you can tell Luke must be a perfectionist). I'll be recommending Unreal Lawns to everyone. Thank you!
Katie & Luke
March 2021
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